Alma Spa and Wellness

For a curated experience in personal rejuvenation, Alma Spa & Wellness will take you on a sensory journey of sublime indulgence. Choose from a menu of nurturing body and beauty treatments founded on the health benefits of tea and other traditional Indonesian therapies. Surrender to the healing hands of our trained therapists who will address many of the general wellness issues associated with living in today’s modern world.

All treatments are performed using natural body care products crafted with love, pure essential oils and hand-picked tea leaves by Brew Me Tea. Signature to Alma Spa & Wellness are a selection of luxurious hydrotherapy and heat facilities including a matcha onsen, jacuzzi, sauna and steam shower to take your spa session to the next level.

Facilities : Steam sauna, Jacuzzi, onsen bath, steam shower

Opening Hours 9AM - 5PM


Balance your body, mind and spirit with an early morning session of yoga in our dedicated rooftop pavilion. As the sun rises giving birth to the gift of another new day, our qualified instructor will guide you through a sequence of gentle stretches and deep breathing exercises. Regular practice during your stay will promote well-being, cultivate inner calm and leave you feeling totally relaxed.


Clear your mind with a guided session of meditation that focuses on deep breathing, mental concentration and personal contemplation. During this class, your breathing, brain activity, and heart and pulse rates will slow, encouraging your body to relax and achieve a greater sense of inner peace. Regular practice will bring you balance, lessen stress levels, help you deal with pain and reduce blood pressure.